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Saturday, April 03, 2004

IPSWICH: Drum & Monkey

Avenues And Alleyways
Come Fly With Me
You’re Alive
On A Magic Carpet Ride
Lucky Day
Everlasting Love
A Matter Of Life And Death
Heaven Knows

Avenues And Alleyways

Line-up: Steve Rinaldi (lead vocals & trombone), Chris Borsberry (guitar), Tim Charlton (bass); Trevor Smith (drums); Andy Brush (sax); Tim Pannell (trumpet)

After heavy promotion that included an accoustic session on BBC local radio, and a sizeable press interview, the gig itself proved a disappointment with a fairly small crowd. But promisingly some fans who picked up on the shows in London and Chelmsford have travelled to the gig and spur the band on! Two days before the gig, the debut single by Rinaldi Sings receives its first airplay - on BBC Radio Suffolk. Check out a live review…

The Getaway
Greg McDonald (of Dawn Parade)


Blogger Jody Logan said...

Hey we supported Rinaldi at this gig, they played a very well produced, technically excellent set.
The audience were reallt receptive I thought, and I'm not sure how many people usually cram that venue so I can't say if it was musy or not. We enjoyed ourselves, the Getaway were excellent as usual, and Greg from The Dawn PARADE (NOT patrol) was great between sets.

11:02 am


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