A complete guide to the swinging live performance of the truly amazing RINALDI SINGS

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

CHELMSFORD: Bitterscene Club

Avenues And Alleyways
Come Fly With Me
You’re Alive
On A Magic Carpet Ride
Lucky Day
Everlasting Love
Come Again
A Matter Of Life And Death
Heaven Knows

White Horses
Avenues And Alleyways
Line-up: Steve Rinaldi (lead vocals & trombone), Chris Borsberry (guitar), Tim Charlton (bass); Trevor Smith (drums); Andy Brush (sax); Tim Pannell (trumpet)

Tonight the Bitterscene club-night at The Basement attracted a discerning mix of music fans, and Rinaldi Sings offered just the right mix of northern soul pop and high camp showmanship to delight this Essex in-crowd! The band debuted 'Come Again' and added a reprise of 'Avenues & Alleyways' to the encore. The cover version of 'White Horses' has been reworked, stripping out the edgy guitar and returning the song to its pure pop roots. Check out pictures on the Bitterscene site…