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Saturday, April 09, 2005

HAVERHILL: Arts Centre

Avenues & Alleyways
Come Fly With Me
You're Alive
On A Magic Carpet Ride
Come Again
Wha'cha Gonna Do About It?
Lucky Day
A Matter Of Life And Death
Heaven Knows

Everlasting Love
Avenues & Alleyways

Line-up: Steve Rinaldi (lead vocals & trombone), Chris Borsberry (guitar), Simon Lloyd (bass); Richard Hunter (drums); Scott Brooker (sax); Tim Pannell (trumpet/guitar)

Playing to a decent sized crowd of more than 150 people, Steve Rinaldi proved a charismatic and winning performer for his homecoming gig, controlling the front of the stage and making sure that every eye in the house was focussed on him. When not playing trumpet, Tim Pannell's second guitar and backing vocals again added a great deal to the band's sound. With cries from the audience of 'Avenues & Alleyways', Rinaldi Sings ended the encore with a reprise of their first single and left the stage with applause ringing round the hall.


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