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Saturday, June 25, 2005

OXFORD: The Roadrunner

Avenues & Alleyways
Come Fly With Me
You're Alive
On A Magic Carpet Ride
Come Again
Pick Me Up, Put Me Down
Lucky Day
A Matter Of Life And Death
Heaven Knows

Everlasting Love

Line-up: Steve Rinaldi (lead vocals & trombone), Tim Pannell (guitar), Simon Lloyd (bass); Richard Hunter (drums); Dan Stern (sax); Gavin Bowyer (trumpet)

Steve Rinaldi chose the Roadrunner club night at the Bullingdon Arms in Oxford to debut his new song 'Pick Me Up, Put Me Down'. As the whole of the 'What's It All About?' album was recorded before Rinaldi Sings made their live debut, this was the first original composition to enter the set in advance of its recording. The band went onstage just after midnight, following a complete running of the film 'Barbarella' as a backdrop to the DJ sets.


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